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ATA Double Kick Clapper Target ATA Double Kick Clapper Target

This vinyl pad makes a unique clapping sound when struck properly. Features a hand strap to help in maintaining control.

Measures 17" long x 7" at the widest point.

Our Price: $25.00
Black Square Target Pad Black Square Target Pad

The square target pad is constructed out of reinforced vinyl filled with compressed foam. It features back web straps and a finger loop that allow the holder a secure grip. Each sold separately.

Measures 9" x 10"

Our Price: $35.00
Red/Black Hand Target Pad Red/Black Hand Target Pad

This target pad can be used for aim, focus, striking, reflex testing, and timing drills. The mitts are lightweight, while maintaining a 1.5" foam padding. Constructed out of a heavy-duty vinyl material and reinforced stitching, this target can hold up to the most strenuous exercises It features a one-size-fits-all hand and finger slot with a secure Velcro strap closure.

Our Price: $40.00
Rebreakable Boards Rebreakable Boards

The plain re-breakable boards are used for all belt levels.  They are available for junior practice (White, yellow, and orange), adult (green, blue, and advance (brown , black).

Our Price: $60.00
ATA Body Shield ATA Body Shield

The slammer shield is constructed out of a reinforced vinyl cover over dense compressed foam in a concave shape. It features two back handles and one on each side.

Measures 16" x 26" x 6" thick.

Our Price: $105.00