HISTORY Victory Martial Arts was founded in 1993 by four-time World Champion Master Von Schmeling. Only three years later, Victory Martial Arts was named “School of the Year” by the American Taekwondo Association - the largest martial arts organization in the world. Today, with 23 schools and over 4000 students, Victory Martial Arts continues to grow and is considered by many the finest martial arts institution in the world. THE VICTORY DIFFERENCE Victory Martial Arts’ main purpose is to make a difference. Much beyond attaining physical fitness and practicing self-defense, our philosophy in the teaching of martial arts is that the fundamental goal is to shape successful human beings – true champions - who will help create a better world. For over a decade Victory Martial Arts has been dedicated to improving the quality of life of human beings through the practice of martial arts. With a staff of over 80 professional instructors, staff members and motivational experts, Victory Martial Arts is devoted to the personal growth of its students. Our students learn to confront and overcome their innermost fears and doubts. This way they strengthen their character and increase their self-confidence, becoming better prepared to meet their challenges with success. OUR GOALS • Our programs are specifically designed to teach students to become successful leaders. • We are committed to providing a safe, caring educational environment, supporting and actively encouraging the personal growth of our students. • In our children students, we actively promote excellent behavior at home and at school. • We develop an awareness of the importance of fitness, health and hygiene, enhancing responsibility among our students. • We are committed to empowering students, for them to be successful in life. • It is our mission to awaken the champion within each one of our students.